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Sitback benefits

A University students in Pakistan has a few basic priorities, Apart from getting a good education, the student also aims to save money on all university related tasks and save as much as possible for themselves.

UNI RIDES carpools


Also, students in general prefer driving to the university with their friends over mass commuting options like Public transport or a university van service.

The UNI RIDES app, enables students to find and connect with carpools from their own university. This means a student will only be carpooling with someone they already share a connection with i.e. in this case the driver and the passengers go to the same university.

Ride with university friends

This also takes care of the security concerns of riding with total strangers.

When you carpool, you also help the environment by:

Carbon footprint environment friendly

  1. Less emission of CO2
  2. Reducing traffic congestion
  3. Reduced fuel consumption
  4. Freeing parking space etc.


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