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Currently 8 carpools are listed & 35 books are available for exchange!

About Sitback

Sitback.pk aims to solve real life problems of university students throughout Pakistan.
Our custom built apps cater to your different needs as a student, be it a commuting option to your university/college or arranging course books for a semester. We are able to save you Time and Money and even provide a simple way to earn Cash & Rewards while you do nothing but sitback and study. Obviously it's all free!


Sitback.pk was born out of student life experiences by the two founders at IoBM, Karachi.

Founder, Sitback.pk

Syed Shariq Raza

CEO, Co-Founder & Front-End Developer

Founder, Sitback.pk

Noman Nawaz

CTO, Co-Founder & Back-End Developer

Head of Promotions, Sitback.pk

Jahanzeb Haider

Project Manager

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Mail: info@sitback.pk
Twitter: @sitbackpk

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